Cool Lock Screen Wallpapers For PC, Android, iPhone 2018

We all Know the Rise of Smartphones/Computers and its usage, Everyone is looking for Better apps and Wallpapers for their Smartphones, Tablets and pc. Well, You may be having an expensive smartphone, Tablet or a PC and you may be having great wallpapers in it but almost all Android and iPhone Smartphones does not have any lock screen wallpaper. Hence the need of such lock screens is increasing day by day, So here we provided a great collection of Funny, Love, Sad and Cool lock screen wallpapers for Android, iphone and windows phones including computer lock screens which are somehow in large size.

Cool Lock Screen Wallpapers

Lock screens always looks good in mobile phone and sometime in Pc, Hence its becoming trending among Smartphone Users. Everyone is keen to get the best lock screen for his/her phone and pc.

teasing lock screen for iphone

lock screen wallpaper for android

for windows 8


lock screen wallpapers for windows 10

wallpaper for iphone

 funny lock screen wallpaper

lock-screen-wallpapers for windows 7

 lock screens

These are the cool sliding lockscreens for android and iphones. Download it to your phones and use it as lock screens on all designs of iphone devices.

Android and iPhone both companies release new mobile phones every year, and buying a new smartphone is now a trend these days ,hence all these smartphones companies are cashing by releasing new designs phones every other month. Among every operating system, android, iphone and windows smartphones are the popular ones which is used by millions of people around the world. Lets take an example of android phone users, usually they download lock screen wallpapers using apps available on the store whereas iphone and windows users can’t rely on this solution as there are literally very less apps available in windows and apps store which provide lock screens type of wallpapers. So to over come this problem we have provided here a great collection of lock screens which can fit any device from any mobile phone company, now you don’t need any external apps to download these lock screen images to get the lockscreens from that app, our list of lock screen wallpapers is completely compatible with all devices so that you can download them and enjoy for free.       

password lockscreen for mobile

minions wallpaper

Apart from android, iphone and windows phones, you can also download these Cool lock screen wallpapers on Windows 7, 8 and windows 10 too. Moreover all these screen Hd lock wallpapers are in large sizes specially made for Pc users so that it fits the every design of widescreen desktop and laptops easily.

wallpapers for windows

Last but not least, you can share these lock screens with everyone and keep coming because we will adding more lock screen wallpapers for 2018.