Linux Advantages/Disadvantages To Be Used as Client OS

Not only as a server OS, Linux in gaining attention, even as a client OS. If the company was introduced, I wonder if there is any advantage to the operation of the desktop environment.

Most of the people who are reading this article, Windows that you are using a desktop environment, would be that you are managing. And I wrote and in “all” but “almost” is, in order to perform a variety of applications, other OS because some companies are using. There in the mind of the author and Linux ‘s. Server has been started as OS, it is gaining attention as now client OS. Here I want to check the Linux of ability as a client OS.
Also as a server OS also as a client OS, being often pointed out as benefits of using Linux is, it’s that “for most Linux distributions do not have a license fee.” Even launch the instance only required to set up and charges are not applied at all. Without using funds to the software license, it can be said that a convenient way to build certain system functions.

Linux Advantages/Disadvantages

The Linux distribution, productivity software ( or LibreOffice), Web browser ( Firefox or Google such as Chromium), are included familiar set of desktop applications for many users. However, when using the Linux needs to be done on every own to operation from the setup. Not obligated to help the user to the producer of the distribution even if any problems arise. And support forum distributor run, it’s it is possible to obtain the general support site to help online, such as serverfault, but must be resolved only on their own. If absolutely necessary a certain amount of support, creator of the distribution, or consultants or other appropriate qualifications there is also a method to purchase from a third party.



Most applications running on a Linux open source ‘s application. They include where to obtain, Whatever To use any Linux distribution, is a software warehouse on the Internet “repository” is probably best. Open source applications have been widely used in enterprise environments. It depends on the existing software mix and may be selected the most compatible good application and those already utilized.

I would like to note is that there are things that have been developed for Linux in closed-source and commercial applications. Many of them it’s the product of the enterprise to be run on the server, but, Linux design concept has been difficult a consistent application deployment by the software vendor. Therefore products that require in some cases difficult to obtain. To perform a closed-source Windows applications on Linux some “Wine Project” is also, I want to note that this is not necessarily intended to guarantee the compatibility and performance of such applications.

In addition, in some cases, back-end processing becomes a problem for a particular application. A typical example is Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange ‘s. In particular, the former does not work only via Windows or Wine,. That said, for example, by using the Outlook Web Access, there are ways to avoid the problem.