Sad Hurt Quotes 2017

Life is not easy sometimes you will be hurt and sometimes you will find yourself the happiest person in the world, That’s all different shades of Life. Here “You are Truly Loved” Presents you some of the Best “Sad Hurt Quotes” in the form of direct text and Images. The reason some sad hurt quotes are provided with images to let users share on social networks else you can other sad hurt quotes provided in plain text.

Here are some Sad Hurt Quotes: 

  • Why is it that everyone else has it so much easier?
  • Nothing worse than wondering what could have been.
  • No matter how bad you got it, there will always be someone who as it much worse.
  • Life is tragic not in that it ends but that, for some, it never begins.
  • The worst thing about being unhappy is that nobody care if you are.
  • Life makes fools of us all, so just grin and get through it.
sad hurt quotes

“It is best to hide your emotions. Otherwise, you will just freak everybody out.

“Sometimes, it is best to not dwell and just push forward–even if it���s a slog.

“A terribly sad fact is that there is so much information available and so little of it is of any real use.

“When things get tough, we look up the happy times with sorrow.

“To think of what we don’t have is to open the door to sadness.

“To let your troubles rule your thoughts is a dangerous behavior.

“No matter how bad it is, it could be far worse. It is a sad thought that can cheer you up.

“The saddest ones are those who lived without criticism and without applause.

“It is the challenges in life that come to us not to break us but to make us wiser.

“Unfortunate things happen in life. But we do not have to let the misfortune determine one’s life.

“Expectation is the road to sadness.

“Anger and hatred will only leave you with nothing.

“I’m terrified of what may come, but to not move forward is a far worse thing.

“Living an unhappy life is a sad event of the everyday.