Simple Mehendi Designs Images 2018

In Asian countries Applying Mehendi on hands is common practice used by girls and ladies to create Different designs on hands using mehendi. Its a paste applied to hands to make it look beautiful by using stylish, beautiful and simple Mehendi designs on hands. Applying Mehendi on hands is very much popular in Pakistan, india and Arabic countries. Mehendi is also now becoming popular in western countries because majority of the Pakistani and indian People who lives in western countries follow their cultural things regularly and one of them is Mehendi.

Mostly Kids, Girls and also older age ladies use Mehendi, when there is a happy occasion in a family or in relatives, Specially on occasions of marriages, parties, Short events, Ceremonies and specially on eid days Girls really love to apply Mehendi design to hands.

Some people claims that Mehendi is available in black color and in different colors, but actually they are wrong that’s because Mehendi is only available in light green to brown color and whenever anyone apply any girl apply Mehendi design on hands it results in a reddish to brown beautiful Mehendi design. so here are few top mehendi design images for you.


The Best thing about Mehendi is that its a non chemical product and everyone from kids to elder age ladies can use it to create Latest Mehendi designs on hands without any issue. Its chemical free and doesn’t cause any issue on hands and feet’s where mehendi is applied.


Although there are a lot of Mehendi Designs available here but the most popular are Pakistani Mehendi designs, because these are simple designs and anyone even a kid apply these designs on their hands.


These simple mehendi designs are for girls anywhere from 16 to 26 age, This design is literally more easy to draw on hands than other mehendi designs.


mehendi designs for feet

Below you can find Mehendi Design Images for Feet. that is very easy and takes less than half hour to fully cover the feet with mehendi. These simple mehendi designs are about 5000 years old as show by the history. They originated in the sub continental region of the world i.e. in south Asia. Some of the people in the history even say that mehendi tradition originated in India and it was originally introduced by the mughals family of that time. Mehendi is also termed as henna. This name is give because mehendi is prepared from the cypress flower which is also referred to as henna plant. The part of the plant henna which is used for the extraction of mehendi is leaves.


All these Simple Mehendi designs Images are used in different countries according to their own traditions and choices, We have given you the most latest design of every country in which mehendi is used. Moreover More mehendi Designs are being added for the year of 2018, so here you will the latest mehendi designs of 2018 too.