Windows 12 News, Release Date, Features

Microsoft releases its windows every few years and the latest windows they released few months ago was the windows 10.  Windows 10 is a great window having all the feature that a user always dreamed off. But then again, it’s all about new windows and experiencing its new features which is highly expected that it will be windows 12. Apart from this windows releasing every few years is must for Microsoft as its their main source of revenue and you can expect more windows very soon.

Windows 12 is the upcoming windows of Microsoft, Windows Lovers have been desperately waiting for this window after the last released version from Microsoft which is windows 10. Although Windows 10 is now only few month old and Microsoft even claims that its been installed on millions of computers in its initial months even though people still want to see and use new windows which will probably be windows 12 if the 11th version is skipped.

Why Windows 12 is the Best?

When Microsoft released windows 10 after windows 8 people were surprised by this action, Because they didn’t get win 9 os , now again we can expect the same strategy from Microsoft and that will probably skip the windows 11 os and release windows 12 right after its last windows for pc.

What to Expect in Win12 OS:

As I said above all operating systems do have some sort issues, and we expect the next upcoming os windows 12 would be a great window ever by fixing all design and internal processing issues which systems in the pack lack. We can also a new design windows that would be having change in design from left to right and more shortcut features to quickly access the required files. While apart from design windows 13 will be a much faster windows and average system would be able to run it and anyone with a basic understanding would be able to use it.

We can also expect the fastest internet explorer in windows 12, as with windows 10 “EDGE” explorer does work best but then again we need fast browser like chrome, really if they can create a window why they can’t create the fastest browser.

Apps are the important part of any Os, As we have seen lots of apps are added in each upgraded version for making tasks more easy and to provide a built-in solution so that no external software software is required. An example would be a screen shot. As there are a lot of good softwares available for taking the screenshot of a desktop screen on pc but Microsoft has Already come up with the solution and provided us a buit-in software (screen clipping )in windows 7, 8 and 10. we hope that it will also be included in windows 12 edition too, because with a built-in snipping tool one can easily take a screenshot on windows pc.


The very Next feature which all of us desperately need is to record screen, Although we have not yet seen any built-in screen recorders in windows but we can expect a screen recorder in windows 12. For now people are using external software to record a screen on their pc which is a bit tough task as all these external software are literally very much complex to use and also very heavy which eats hell lot of memory (ram). A basic screen recorder added to windows 12 would be the best choice to record screen on the go anytime anywhere.

In the last month Microsoft released a statement that there will be no other windows coming, This means that they will never ever release any other operating system and that win 10 is the last version of windows series.  So the thing is what you can expect from Microsoft.. will people ever get windows 12 or another OS??. As we all know that Microsoft’s more than half of its revenue is through selling windows and rest revenue comes from office and other development softwares. The thing is Microsoft can’t restrict themselves to only win 10, they will eventually release new operating system very soon as that’s the primary revenue source and people always wait desperately for the upcoming windows which is expected that it will be windows 12.

History of all Microsoft Windows:

It all started with an idea in the mind of a Tech genius Bill Gates who is creator of all Operating systems and co-owner of the popular technology company Microsoft.

Latest Operating system by Microsoft was windows 10, There are many windows which has been released before windows 10 that includes the very popular windows xp, which is still used by thousands of people around the world because of it is very much easy to use moreover it works best when you have system with less ram and low value processors, Even some people still claims that windows xp is the most popular version of windows. Anyway, The next operation systems released by Microsoft was windows vista, followed by the popular windows 7, and a dual version windows 8 that is 8 and 8.1 and the latest windows 10 which is release this year in 2016, Hence we can expect the release of windows 12 in 2017 because this year it has very less chances to be released to public.

Difference between Windows 7/8/10:

Before evaluating features of windows 12 lets talk about the previous os, Microsoft company was going good with its windows even after the upgrade from xp to 7 the world saw the best high graphics windows in the form of win 7, Everything was going good and then another upgrade has been released and this time it was win 8, again it was the most popular windows in terms of graphics, stability, very fast processing and less hanging issues but its seemed that people literally don’t care about all these and they only go after the looks of the window, although windows 8 was the perfect edition of Microsoft but it didn’t have a start menu, Millions of users around the world criticized Microsoft for not having the start menu in the new window. Although lots of people agree with this action and they happily accepted the new version but it was the first Microsoft has been criticized for its products. So from on if windows 12 is released this year or the coming year it will surely have start up menu as that’s the only thing people love to much.

Right after Windows 8 and win 8.1 microsoft came up with another operating system and this time they named it windows 10. Again this new windows was as good as other windows, all people who were screaming for not having startup menu in windows 8 really loved it because it’s the window which was as fast as windows 8 and have startup menu of windows 7 but designed more beautifully, This time when people thought they got the best windows ever they were wrong because of the hanging, black screen, and windows delayed start issues started popping out and it really affected the overall popularity of the new window. Although Microsoft has been releasing several updates time to time to solve as much issues as it can but then again it does had and have errors. So the very next window which is coming after win 10 probably would be windows 12 with all issues already fixed and we all are expecting that windows 12 will be the best operating system for pc ever released by Microsoft.