Windows 13 Release Date, Features, News

Windows 13 is the most expected windows after the latest window which is windows 10. Although there are some expectation that windows 12 will be released first but who knows what Microsoft release first. As we have seen the arrival of windows 10 before windows 9 so same can could happen to windows 12 too. It is obvious when Microsoft releases the any windows then they don’t release the left behind version later, like we still didn’t here about windows 9 when in actual its upper windows which is win 10 is already released to the market.

Windows 13 vs other Windows:

Looking at all the previous windows we can say that each new window released by Microsoft always have an edge over the previous windows in terms of features, installation, apps and other built-in softwares.


1: It is very Much Expected that windows 13 will be much more different in Design than the previous windows, Surely the Startup Menu will again get a new look, quick search bar from taskbar will be removed, and you will clearly see difference in the icons too. Overall Navigation will be improved and a few shortcuts will be added to the desktop for quick access of things.

2: There will be a lot of new apps added to windows 13 operating system, As we already have some apps in windows 7, 8 and 10, some apps like snipping tools, calculator, on screen stuff, speech recorder etc. These apps will be upgraded to become more useful, take an example of snipping tool which we use to take screenshot on a pc but with windows 13 it is expected that it will be converted into screen recorder. Yes, as of now we can only capture screen or take a screenshot then we will be able to record screen and that will be the most important feature if screen recorder is added to the new window if not 13 it would surely be in windows 12.

3: Speed:

As expected Windows 13 is expected to be more fast then all previous operating systems, We have already seen the difference during installation of windows xp, 7, and windows 8. With every new operating system, the windows installation speed increases which results windows installation in short spun of time and save a lot times. Background apps will be utilized in such a way that it didn’t affect the speed of the system and user will be able to free open multi apps without any hanging issue.

4: Drivers:

When we were using windows xp we have to update drivers manually through Cd’s, that’s because we didn’t have updated systems hence everything was manual and now with upgraded systems windows 7, 8 and 10 auto install all drivers for you and you don’t have to manually do all the drivers updating stuff, Hence it is very much expected that windows 13 will already have built-in drivers which will auto themselves even if you are on old pc, But it must fulfill the new windows minimum systems requirements.

5: Updates and Security on windows 13:

All Previous operating systems does update time to time and Microsoft is very keen release an update as soon as they find any glitch, error, or security threat in its windows, Hence we get updates regularly but it is very expected that Microsoft will come with a built-in auto fix software that will be able to install updates instantly on your system to fix your windows 13 or it will automatically solve the issue without you knowing what really issue was.